Zekeriya Dinçer
IT Solutions Program Manager

Zekeriya completed his BSc degree in Computer Engineering with a specialization in Software Engineering at Middle East Technical University (METU).

He started his career at Siemens Enterprise Communications as Software Engineer taking part in the HiPath Management Console and IPDslam management projects. As a result of the changes in Siemens Enterprise Communications’ service strategy, he dived in to the service management and ITIL world.  He worked as Software Engineer, Business Analyst, and Project Manager in many projects such as service management process unification and standardization, CMDB Data Model, SAP integration and event management of customer assets.

He continued his career as an IT Solution Architect leading a global service management solution, enabling technicians, field engineers, customers and partners to manage service related activities, compliant with ITIL standards.

At ICterra, Zekeriya is responsible for coordinating a team of consultants experienced in service management, IT automation, proactive monitoring and cyber security. With over 10 years of IT project experience, he is managing business development and sales activities mainly in finance and telecommunications sectors.

Zekeriya enjoys traveling around the world and playing bowling.  He is currently playing in the Turkish professional league.


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