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Startup Package

“Creative, Innovative, Enterprise-level Software Engineering Services for Startups”

Startup companies need to quickly validate their ideas and assumptions about the market in order to find a product-market fit and acquire a sustainable income but developing the product while working hard to build a customer base and trying to find investment at the same time turns out to be a challenging job.

We like to help the startups by taking over the development activities ensuring delivery of the product on time. Together with the founders, we define a minimum set of features to be developed. While we are developing the software with access to a global IT professionals talent pool, the business owners can focus developing their business.

For these purposes, we present our 3by3 MVP package.

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Why us

We can reach to the best global talents with diverse skills like project managers, business analysts, UX & UI designers, full-stack developers, web and mobile developers.
With complete visibility of the plan and progress, there will be no surprises at the end.
The client owns the full Intellectual Property (IP) secured with legal contracts and has all rights on the delivered software product.

From the beginning to the end, we will collaborate with clients using our best of class web & mobile communication platform workit.biz, where we set up workplaces for sharing messages, files and scheduling meetings. We’ll be able to conduct voice & video conferences and share screens. workit.biz will be an important tool for seamless communication with the client throughout the project. workit.biz


Our standart offer with 3by3 MVP package is defined as 3 months with 9 man-month effort. If the client requires more features to be implemented the time and effort can be extended.

This first week of high-level requirement analysis and MVP scoping is free of charge. After that, if an agreement is made, we start the project with a Kickoff Meeting.