Özlem Şahin Gök

Özlem graduated from the Computer Engineering department at Middle East Technical University (METU) in 1999 and started her career as a Software Engineer. During this time, she has developed a strong interest in software engineering and management, aspiring her to complete MSc in Software Management program at METU.

Over the past 17 years in ICterra, with her technical background and focus on product, project and people management, she has successfully led several multinational software projects, took product management responsibility for in-house developed products and managed software organizations at different sizes and compositions including management of the Engineering team undertaking Engineering Director responsibility.

At ICterra now, Özlem is serving as the Corporate Sector Director, building strategic relationships with local and International enterprises acquiring Software Development Services across multiple industries.

Özlem is focus can be listed as:
Creating and Delivering Software Engineering Services (turnkey/fixed price, outsourcing, integrated teams)
International Business Development
Leading cross-functional Software Teams
People Management
Change Management for organizational and operational transformations
Agile Product Management
Process Optimization

Özlem has a passion for traveling, windsurfing and good food. She lives and likes Ankara and can’t live without New York.