Information & Communication Technologies

ICterra develops communication software that enables voice, video and text communications via any application, on any device and at any scale. Tailored to specific needs of digital workplace, our custom solutions consist of implementing VoIP functionalites, establishing required infrastructure, creating web and mobile communication applications and providing a secure and reliable communication platform.

Evolution of Telecommunications
Industry at ICterra

Throughout the evolution of telecommunications, ICterra has been always in sync with latest technologies. Keeping up with the trends and needs, ICterra presents optimal solutions focused primarily on interoperability, extensibility and security while strictly adhering to the required standards.

  • In the beginning of 90s when 2nd generation telecom started to spread out, ICterra took part by deploying switches.
  • As VoIP gained popularity ICterra took responsibility of testing the VoIP PBX.
  • The Millennium introduced Unified Communications and ICterra started building UC applications.
  • Since 2006 ICterra has been working on IP desktop phones.
  • After 2010, as the web applications evolved exponentially, voice-based applications started to emerge on the web. As ICterra follows trending technologies, so involved in WebRTC at its birth to apply web-based real-time voice communications.
  • ICterra created CRM application and integrated it with VoIP domain.
  • With the emerging of cloud technologies, a communication-Platform-as-a-Service, POINT is created.

Communication and
Collaboration Expertise Areas at ICterra

ICterra can produce solutions for your VOIP based systems utilizing variety of technologies and protocols. We can also provide maintenance and improvement services for your existing software stack.