Electronic Warfare Software

ICterra has developed several projects on Electronic Warfare domain and gained know-how on the following topics;

Electronic Intelligence (ELINT)

Electronic Support

Mission Data Analysis

Architecture based on OSGI framework

Broadcast Data Analysis

Broadband/ Narrowband Signal Analysis

Modern Graphical User Interfaces
designed by UX Design Experts

Development of these projects include, all steps of software development life-cycle naturally. Analysis and design steps are the most important ones since critical warfare domain data is transformed into domain information that will be used while making determinative decisions for design. For this purpose, analysis and design steps are handled carefully to make sure each domain item is worked up.

Integration is another important issue about warfare projects. We also provide software integration support for  our customers and help assist their integration environment design.

We also provide independent Software Test Service for Electronic Warfare applications to ensure the highest level of quality is supplied and we perform User Acceptance Tests to ensure the product meets  end-users requirements.