Smart Intrusion Detection System

ICterra has developed a state of art ATES, which is a cyber security system consisting of a custom Command Control Center with complementary sensors.


Modern architecture supporting Security as a Service approach, where sensors are to be deployed in service acquiring institutions and Command Control Center is to be deployed in the institution offering the security service


Command Control Center is used to manage and share information among sensors

IDS and Honeypot Sensors are deployed to perform network based and host based attack detection, respectively

 Signature based attack detection as well as reputation based intelligence gathering

Behaviour based attack and anomaly detection with network statistics gathering and display

 Attacker geolocation detection and display, enhancing situational awareness and helping decision making

Firewall efficiency measurement and improvement with global blacklists and multi-port network monitoring around firewall

 IP blacklist prediction and warning against Advanced Persistent Threats and zero-day attacks

 Advanced application and operating system monitoring capabilities running exclusively on Honeypot sensors, enabling host based attack detection and analysis

 Advanced event/attack display and export capabilities from logs generated by IDS and Honeypot sensors both

 Common Criteria EAL4+ (ALC_FLR.1) certified software, including security features such as identification and authentication, audit logging, access control and segregation of duties.