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Functional Testing
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security testing
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We design testing processes and apply them throughout the software lifecycle to improve software quality and proactively identify errors and risks.

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Embedded Systems, Cyber Security and Web & Mobile are just a few of our expertise areas,
which we continue to expand with new domains and industries.  

Embedded Software

We have experience in multiple domains. We develop all sorts of embedded software. We support different business and lifecycle models.

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Cyber Security

Intrusion Detection System is a software that is monitoring the events occurring in a computer system or network and analyzing them for signs of possible incidents.

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Web & Mobile

We utilize UX best practices and design experiences and interactions to align
your solutions with end user needs.

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We share our expertise

Wrapping a Solid Shell Around: Avoiding Software Becoming a Nightmare

Understanding the nature of a software is crucial for all sorts of practitioners in the field. If you know the monster you are dealing with, you will have more chance to defeat your “enemy” and you might be able to tame it into a harmless pet that is loyal. Otherwise, the monster that you create with your very hands will get bigger and it will start managing you instead of you. It may even turn your work life into a nightmare.  Let’s zoom out a little bit together and have a look at what we are actually trying to accomplish. By definition, a software is a combination of instructions that we execute for getting desired functions with acceptable performance, data structures that we manipulate and documentation that describes the operation. So, what could be the problem if we take this simple definition into consideration?


Ersatzgedankenexperiment: Brainstorming in a Rather Structured Manner

Curiouser and curiouser!” (Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland)

Gedankenexperiment (Gedankenerfahrung or thought experiment) is a way of thinking that maps a theory to possible causes and consequences (to shed light on these), when no clues or indicators are available to validate the theory. This concept is often used by philosophers and scientists since, under some conditions, it is almost impossible to conduct or repeat some kinds of experiments physically.


ICT-TH 101: Introduction to Test Hackathon

For the very first ICterra Test Hackathon event, happened on 11th of October, 2019, we have chosen an internal product for the participants to test; our Enterprise Communication and Collaboration Platform, Workit.biz, developed by ICterra and having Domestic Goods Certificate. The tests will be performed for the recent enhancements implemented on the product.


We have news

Horizon 2020 Health Partnering Day 2019 @Brussels

In order to indicate the updated “Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing” work programme, Enterprise Europe Network and The European Action Health NCP Net 2.0 (which is funded by the European Union) co-organized Horizon 2020 Partnering Day in Brussels, Belgium. This event mainly aimed to inform the researchers, institutes, universities and SME’s about the calls and relevant topics under the “H2020 Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing” theme and provide a brokerage medium… Read more


IDEF 2019

We attended 14th International Defense Industry Fair IDEF 2019, which was held between April 30th and May 3rd at İstanbul Tüyap Fair and Congress Center. We would like to thank all our visitors for taking their time to visit us. See you at IDEF 2021!



We attended DMEA, Europe’s largest event for the Digital Health industry, in Berlin on April, 09 -11 2019 and informed our visitors about latest trends and technologies in Medical IoT, Telemedicine, AI and mHealth platforms.


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